“Setbacks only make you stronger” – Schumacher on his departure from Haas

NEWS broke ahead of the final race in Abu Dhabi that Haas driver Mick Schumacher will part ways with the team at the end of the 2022 season.

Having won the Formula 2 championship in 2020, it was announced that the young rookie would join the American outlet alongside F2 opponent Nikita Mazepin for the 2021 season on a two year contract.

In 2022, the German driver scored his first points at the British Grand Prix after a hectic start to the season. Unfortunately, this spell of good luck quickly came to an end as Schumacher went on to struggle throughout the remainder of the season.

After costly crashes and races spent missing out on valuable points, it was safe to say it was time to cut the cord between the team and their driver. Schumacher took to social media to announce his departure from the team. Haas then later confirmed that the man replacing him would be former Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg.

Schumacher was no doubt disappointed to be leaving the team at the end of the season, but admitted that he’s learnt a lot and that he deserves a place in Formula 1. In his statement he wrote:

“ This is going to be my last race with Haas F1 team. I don’t want to hide the fact that I am very disappointed about the decision not to renew our contract. Nevertheless, I would like to thank both Haas F1 and Ferrari for giving me this opportunity. those years together have helped me to mature both technically and personally. And especially when things got difficult, I realised how much I love this sport.
It was at times bumpy but I steadily improved, learned a lot and now know for sure that I deserve a place in Formula 1. The subject is anything but closed for me. Setbacks only make you stronger.
My fire burns for Formula 1 and I’ll fight hard to return to the starting grid. ”

– Mick Schumacher on Haas Departure

With one final seat remaining for 2023, chances are unlikely that we will see Schumacher on the grid again next year. However, in a further interview on media day with Formula 1, the German driver seemed keen to make a return to the grid in 2024.

“ I definitely want to stick around and I have some time now, so I will see all the options that I have, and then yes, hopefully take the right one that will bring me into a bright future. I want to put myself into a position where I know it’s going to be right for me, and whether that’s reserve, if that’s driving, that’s to be discussed and analysed. And I have the people that I trust around me who I’ll be consulting with, and I’ll come out with some news hopefully soon.”

– Mick Schumacher on his future

Schumacher is one of four drivers making an exit from the sport, including his mentor four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel who will be officially retiring at the end of the season.

The pair will surely be missed on the grid next year along with Vettel’s mentorship of his younger compatriot, which is often reminiscent of Michael Schumacher and Vettel at the beginning of his career.

With one race left to go, Schumacher is keen to finish on a high and help the US-based team defend eighth place in the constructors championship ahead of fellow contenders Alpha Tauri. It will be their highest finishing position as a constructor since 2018 where the team finished fifth.

“ [I want to] finish on a high. I mean, as high as we can, I guess. We have a car which is probably just close to P10, maybe a bit below, but if we get everything right then I’m sure there is potential to be in the points, and I think that’s still what we’re aiming for – to score as many points – because we’re in a tight battle.. ”

Mick Schumacher speaking to Formula 1

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